Nature Photos

IMG_0564 for webIMAG1791This CARRION PLANT is fascinating. I planted a sample that I received as a gift from a parishioner. I had no idea what surprises lay in store when it would bloom!  This small green cactus grew this pod and then it opened to a 14″ spread!  Flies love the smell (like dead meat – not my favorite part).  It is a succulent and blooms in the summer and fall.






This pod opened to a 16 inch diameter on my potted plant!  October 21, 2016






Giant Swallowtails mating in Spring, TX 4-21-17
Giant Swallowtails mating in Spring, TX 4-21-17



IMG_1903 IMG_1790IMG_1861


passion flower - croppedThis passion flower grows wild in the natural area of our back yard – an invasive vine with the most intricate blooms.  The first time I saw its bloom, I gasped!  Now I don’t want to pull up the vine.  Must be God’s way of giving it a chance to survive and even thrive.  Most “weeds” are beautiful, fascinating creative works of God just growing in the wrong place.